Enjoyable photo shooting

I am now preparing to create new kimono fashion photos. I will create them with a famous make-up artist, who is active on fashion shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. I met him at the previous photo shooting for ads at the end of last year. I am looking forward to creating our work with him soon.

Last November, I attended the photo shooting as a kimono stylist for the ads of KDDI America Mobile. Ms Ai Kago, previously belonging to a famous Japanese singer group “Morning Musume (Girls)”, was featured on the ads. This photo, which has already been used for ads, shows Ai Kago. I was sitting next to her.
I felt my heart beat fast, when I met Ai Kago, a very popular talent in Japan as Kago-chan. Many tall and slim models, more than 180 cm tall, have helped us for creating our pieces in New York City. We want to create unique and novel pieces, while they also dream to become world-top models. I have though that it seemed like dream to make test photo-shooting with such wonderful models, but when I met Ai, I was deeply impressed by her presence as a popular singer. After this photo-shooting, I desire to have a chance to dress Hollywood stars in kimono style.
This photo was one that was taken on the day of the photo shooting for the use of renewal of my web pages. The doctor and technician of my husband’s lab, and the lawyer and advertising company worker who are friends of Emiko, my business partner, helped us as models for our photo shooting. Kimono educed inner beauty from people, active in the front lines. Although they are not Japanese, they wore kimono quite naturally, which impressed me. Emiko said to me, “Kimono is really wearing thing.”

A photographer, Masahiro Noguchi, took our photos. He also took photos for the interview from the Japanese kimono magazine last year. His works look heartwarming, so I asked him for the renewal of our web pages. Photo shooting is really enjoyable. Whenever we enjoy photo shooting, we could create good works.
This photo shows that Emiko and I were making sarashi clothes for controlling models’ body shapes. I made the models’ bodies flat to wrap them.

It was really enjoyable photo shooting with all of them. Thank you very much!


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