The first night on the Symposium at the Textile Museum

Previously when I visited Washington D.C. for sightseeing with my mother, I felt that it was a boring city, but this time because I had the purpose to visit it, I realized that it is the great capital of USA.
The Symposium named as “From Kimono to Couture” was held at the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. from October 16 to 18, 2009. I attended this symposium.

I went to the reception party before the symposium. How wonderful guests were! I also found Mr. Fujisaki Ichiro, a Japanese ambassador to the United States, attended the party.
The site of the party was the inner courtyard of the museum. Even though it was unfortunately raining, the party was held brilliantly under the tents. The photo shows the scene of its reception at the museum. Many stylish ladies and gentlemen were coming.

I had a chance to talk with the president of the Textile Museum, and also Ambassador Fujisaki. I told them my dream about kimonos, but Mr. Fujisaki said, “You don’t wear a kimono, although you tell us your dream about kimonos.” “I’m sorry. I don’t like to carry big loads from New York.”

I could give my business cards to many guests, including Mr. Fujisaki and talk to many guests about kimonos. To make dream come true, it is important to assert myself at the appropriate time. I convinced in the evening that it's all right if I could continue to believe myself.

However, I should have worn a kimono.


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