Ojiya-chijimi hemp kimono in summer

Ojiya-chijimi kimono was delivered to NYC. I quietly enjoyed wearing it this summer. Whenever I wore it, I feel how fresh it was. However lower humidity New York has than Tokyo, it feels moist after shower. Because it has been rainy this year, hemp kimono has become my favorite rather than ro or sha kimono.

Ojiya-chijimi fabric is made by natural hemp, choma. A remaining fragment of my Ojiya-chijimi fabric shows a seal of the manufacturer and a precise explanation about Ojiya-chijimi: “This fabric is woven by spinning the weft thread tightly and kneaded in hot water, creating a distinctive crease called a shibo. It is kept its feeling for a long time. Because of its smoothness and freshness, it is suitable not only for a summer kimono, but also for a shirt, blouse, or night wear”. It really seems suitable for a night wear especially on tropical nights.

The design of this kimono is my favorite, shima stripe. It looks a little tense. Then, I pulled a hemp obi out of bottom of my tansy drawers. It fitted an Ojiya-chijimi kimono very well. Further, I used a shibori, tie-dyeing, obiage and haya, arrow-shape-designed, obijime. The combination looked very nice!
It looks smart when we wear comfortable Ojiya-chijimi as a casual wear. We can enjoy summer kimono life like this, which may be luxury.


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