Kimono in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Recently I heard that the collections of kimono in the Metropolitan Museum are wonderful. I went to see them, but I could find only one kimono exhibited. The Costume Institute in the Met, which I heard has many collections of western dresses, was unfortunately closed.

I bought a book of kimono at the souvenir shop. The name of the book is “JAPANESE kimono DESIGNS”, including the collection of Shojiro Nomura. By chance, I found on this book the similar kimono as one in the Met, which was made between 1804 and 1818. Was the kimono I found in the Met made around the same time?
Because I missed its description, I could not check the product year. Next time I go to the Met, I will transcribe the description about exhibition.
Anyway, because I have been looking forward to seeing many kimonos in the Met, I was disappointed at the exhibition. I finished viewing the Japanese section as quick as a wink.

In the Japanese section, Hokusai and Hiroshige seem very popular. Real beauty could stand up to time, or surpass national distinctions.


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