Ougi fans

Ougi fans were sent from Kyoto. It came to New York all the way from Japan.

This fan was made by Miyawaki baisenan, which is a specialist shop of Japanese style fans. The sender told me that if you would not know fans made by Miyawaki, you should not talk about fans. Miyawaki baisenan was founded in Kyoto as Omiya-Shinbei in 1823. It is a long-established store, which have carried on the torch for more than 180 years. In the Edo period (1603 -1868), this shop invented decorative fans, which had original designs going along at the time. Still now this shop develops various kinds of new fans, created by traditional techniques and designs.

It is said that ougi fans pass through craftsmen eighty seven times until they are completed. Fans are completed after hundreds of accumulated fine hand works, which don’t fit in so easily with modern automatic manufacture. Only craftsmen with proficient skills can make them. It is really necessary to hand these techniques on to the next generation. I think that “Miyawaki ougi fans” are like treasures, accomplished through accumulated long histories.

All fans are self-manufactured in Miyawaki baisenan. The pink color of this fan is originated from nature of Kyoto, dyed by Kitayama-sugi, Japanese cedars in Kitayama near Kyoto. All raw materials are originated from nature of Kyoto.

Making things seem to be a mirror of life styles and folkways in the area at that age. Many craftsmen have been trying to hand down Japanese traditional techniques of making kimonos and ougi fans, which have basically no time barrier, and even develop them in accordance with newer era. This is exactly expert craftsmanship.

I feel so luxurious, when I wave this Miyawaki ougi fan, made in Kyoto, to make cool in NY.

Link to Miyawaki baisenan (Japanese only)


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