A very happy letter from Japan

A student, who acquired the second-class instructor diploma for kimono-dressing in my class, authorized by the national Japanese clothing consultant association (NJCCA), went back to Japan one month ago. Today I receive her mail that she gets her job at the bridal salon in Gina, Tokyo. I am very pleased and want to call her, but now it is midnight in Japan, so I will congratulate her by mail afterwards.

She helped me to serve as an assistant kimono stylist, when I undertook a contract as a kimono stylist for the shooting of the advertisement in New York. I recall that I was very pleased to give one of my students some payment at the first time. Through business with American people, the techniques of dressing have been recognized as profession by the client and producer. At the day of shooting, my student and I did our best together to dress models in response to clients' requests. She came to my kimono class for only a few months, but she not only made progress in dressing rapidly, but also had a confidence to work in this field. Furthermore, thanks to supports from the student, I myself can overcome numerous hurdles in NY. I am very proud of her. I am very pleased that her dressing technique links to her profession, and further blossoms in Japan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so very exciting!

Was your student Japanese or an American?

June 16, 2009 at 11:54 PM  

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