In the corner of Manhattan, “Wrestling the Silk”

The article about my kimono class appears in The New York Times today!

About one and a half months ago, a graduate student in Colombia University, who were aspiring to become a professional journalist, called me to interview me and cover my kimono class. I could understand that her name was Emily and she wanted to cover my kimono class as an article for a domestic newspaper, but because I am a poor English speaker, I asked her to send me an Email for details at any hand. I received her mail immediately. I am pleased that a student in New York City was interested in my kimono class, and so I accepted her interview.
She came to my class for interview at the beginning of March.

In order to show her how to coach my students in kimono dressing, I planed to present her two patterns of kimono class, including the class for a person who anted to learn a skill to dress customers in kimonos and one for a person who wanted to master a technique to dress himself in kimonos. Then two students cooperated with me on the interview.

On the day of the interview, Ms. Masuike, a photographer of The New York Times, who was a Japanese woman, first appeared in my class. I was very surprised, because she suddenly came before Emily appeared. But after a short while, Emily and her friend, Andreas, who had big video recording equipments, appeared and I felt ease. Subsequently, two students came to my classroom. Because many people gathered in the small room, it became bustling. The time just flied by for about five hour interview. It was really a pleasant time.

Just after the interview, I didn’t know whether the article about my kimono class appeared in the newspaper, but I have been very impressed that a graduate students aspiring a journalist found my web pages and called me, my students kindly cooperated with me, and editors of the newspaper, The New York Times, got interested in my small class. I appreciate all the people, who met with each other. I also loved the fact that all the people become single-minded in their efforts to make a good interview.
After the interview, Emily sent me an Email that she was very excited.

Finally, the article about my kimono class appears in The New York Times today!
Its title is interesting: “Wrestling the Silk”, which Emily may feel like watching my class. In this article, she doesn’t write my cooperate name as “Kimono Hiro in NY”, but write me just as “Hiromi Asai”. Because this is not an advertisement, the contact info for inquiries is not included, but kimonos and people wrestling kimonos are described. Her perspective is very interesting for me. In addition, the electric version of this article includes a video clip “The Art of Kimono Dressing” that shows how to wear men’s kimono.
I thank all the students coming to my kimono class.

My class is in Roosevelt Island, in the small corner of Manhattan. I am very pleased that one of my dreams from Japan blossoms in The New York Times.
Thank you for finding my dream, Emily!

The following is the article in The New York Times.
Wrestling the Silk (The New York Times on April 5, 2009)


Blogger Amanda Zoe said...

Congratulations on the article, and welcome to NYC! I saw a post you made on immortalgeisha.com.

Members in New York City can't wait to start getting lessons, you have not heard the last of us!

April 14, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

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