Cherry blossoms in Roosevelt Island

I live in Roosevelt Island, just adjacent to Manhattan Island. There is a long row of cherry blossom trees, called as “Cherry Tree Walk”, in this island along East River. All the cherry blossom trees were presented from Japan.
Now light pinkish cherry blossoms, somei-yoshino, are blooming, but deep red ones, yae-zakura, near Queensboro Bridge have not yet come into flower.
The photo was taken when I go to see cherry blossoms last Sunday. Many people enjoyed looking at flowers, including more Japanese people than usual.
The cherry blossoms look like letters from Japan.

This island has some mysterious aspects. We can arrive at this island by metro just one-stop from Manhattan, but there are no bridges between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. Furthermore, a ruin of the old hospital’s isolation ward can be seen at the southern edge of this island. The ruin on the photo is labeled as “Smallpox Hospital.” It was built in 1856 and used till 1950. Surprisingly, it was designed by James Renwick, Jr., who was famous for designing St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.
Could cherry blossoms be seen from this hospital? I believe patients in this hospital could see them through windows and feel better.

Facing to Manhattan from a yard of our apartment, we can see brilliant cherry blossoms along East River.


Blogger Katie Muffett said...

I'm moving to NYC later this year and I love Japanese culture, so I will have to go to this location - arigatou! We've just had a beautiful sakura season here in the southern UK, and I was worried I wouldn't find any in New York.

(found your blog through Kimono Hiro)

June 6, 2009 at 7:16 AM  

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