Tone color of shamisen

I went to hear the concert “music from Japan” on March 7 and 8 in New York. The contents of this concert were mainly composed of the shamisen performance by Tokiwazu Mojibei V, which included various kinds of performances from traditional to modern ones.

For the purpose of learning classical Japanese dance, I went to the dancing hall of Prof. Nishikawa at Ichigaya Daimachi, Tokyo. When I changed into kimonos at its dressing room, I sometimes heard shamisen sound. At this concert I heard shamisen sound after a long interval, and so I remembered the dim light of the dressing room. I felt very nostalgic for shamisen sound. Further I was overwhelmed by real shamisen performance.

Through this concert, I became acutely aware that it is important not to lose sight of the preciousness of real things. But it is actually difficult not to lose sight of the preciousness of real things.
Some days ago, I visited my favorite blog by Mr. Kinoshita, who is a chief manager and producer of the kimono shop “awai” and saw the message that cherry blossom flowers began to sprout with the photo. Indeed it is important to find subtle changes in everyday matters. I should forget the mind to feel small or subtle changes around me.

I always feel pressed to tell how kimonos are wonderful. Sometimes I focus on kimonos themselves in my life, but kimonos look more beautiful in contrast to environments. I should not forget the mind to feel small or subtle changes of nature, seasons, and in addition, music. Through open mind, I could deliver the heart and essence of beauty of kimonos to people all over the world. I believe that if we live outside Japan, we keep pursuing real things through open minds, hearts, eyes, and ears.
After the concert, I walked at the Upper West Side of Manhattan with the afterglow of shamisen sound by Mojibei-san. The scenery was different from usual one. Reminding every scene in my usual life, I would like to keep pursuing beauty of kimono.
Music from Japan: http://www.musicfromjapan.org/index.html


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