Taisho Art

This is a handwritten Yuzen-dying kimono, made in Taisho period (1912-1925). When I wear it, I take a deep breath of admiration for their beauty. Some people describe Yuzen kimonos in Taisho period as Taisho Art. I think that they are not much greater than museum displays, but they look best on us. I am especially impressed flowers scattered from shoulders to back on this kimono.

Nowadays, many of Yuzen kimonos are heard to be printed out by inkjet printers in China. Indeed these Yusen kimonos in general look beautiful for their detailed print. Now we can get beautiful Yuzen kimono at reasonable prices, I may not deny these mechanized techniques.
But I still feel somewhat human warmth to handwritten Yuzen-dying kimonos. On my Yuzen kimono, edges of dying flowers are embroidered by gold thread. These pinpoint precisions are beyond artistic rather than emotional, so we can sympathize dying-professionals’ worldview.

Yuzen-dying technique was originally established by one painter, Miyazaki Yuzensai, in Genroku period (1688-1703). After that, expression for motifs has been dramatically developed without any inhibition and acquired with picturesque beauty.
When I see and wear this kimono, I realize that it is a “picture” kimono.


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