The first diploma for kimono-dressing in New York

Six months have passed since I started a kimono-wearing class in NYC. This time, I could give my student the second-class instructor diploma for kimono-dressing, authorized by the national Japanese clothing consultant association (NJCCA). It was the first time that the association offered a diploma to students belonging international classes other than Japanese.

This student has lived in NYC because of her husband’s business, but she will go back to Japan on March. She told me that she had never known kimono-wearing and kimono-dressing could be so much fun. And she plans to work on kimono-related business after she returns to Japan.
I moved to NYC with my husband seven months ago, because of his work. Then, I opened a kimono-wearing class in my unknown place, New York. My kimono-wearing class has been truly built up with all the students, coming to my class. Therefore, I am more pleased with her words than to give her a diploma.

In addition to having kimono-wearing classes, I also provide kimono-dressing service, helping customers get dressed in kimonos. Everyone I dressed has been highly delighted and thanked me. But I have not been satisfied with my techniques on kimono dressing yet. On my way home after the kimono-dressing service, I always think over what I did and reconsider how to dress my customers more beautifully. At that time, I met with words of Prof. Masuko Chiba, who was the most famous for Japanese bridal kimono dressing.

I continue to admire how beautiful wedding attire is. For more than 40 years, I have been dressed many brides with my hands in a congratulatory and happy manner. I can remember all the scenes with deep emotions. Always I have been supported by profound attachment to kimonos and forward-looking passion to master techniques for kimono dressing.

Whenever I dress customers with kimonos, I desire that I could educe beauty of kimono as well as beauty which dressed persons create, as is more and more attractive to one another. I would like to send Prof. Chiba’s words to my student. Actually, I am convinced that kimono dressing is pursuit of beauty in close coordination with kimonos and dressed persons. I am happy that I can help her to step on such an attractive world as kimono dressing. And I earnestly hope that she makes progress and succeeds using acquired techniques.

This is a lovely letter from this student.
I appreciate her with my whole heart.


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