Pokkuri sound Clip-clop

They look like heavy, but actually they are very light. They are lacquering geta, Japanese wooden clogs, which are called “pokkuri” in old Japanese. It is comfortable to wear them with bare foot.
I bought them at Hirai-Zoriten, Hirai footwear shop. Hirai footwear shop is located at Yanaka, Tokyo, Japan. I cannot buy geta or zori at other shops, after I met them at Hirai footwear shop. Geta are made symmetrically, so if they acquire the habit of inclining to a certain direction, they are worn in left-right reversal. Because they are flexible to wear, it is important to let professionals to tailor them.
In Japan, I liked very much to talk with Ms. Hirai at Hirai footwear shop. She talked me about pokkuri, “Girls wear pokkuri on the day of the thirteen-year’s visit to temples. Geishas are in the habit of wear pokkuri with white straps during the New Year's holidays, but their pokkuri with white Japanese socks look colorless. But that is their rule.”
The pokkuri were bought for me, so I selected them with fashionably embroidered straps. Pokkuri sound Clip-clop.
Happy New Year!
Hirai footwear shop http://www.getaya-net.com/


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