Petit Oshima Mania

I organize men’s kimono-wearing class in NYC and always feel that men really look better wearing Oshima Tsumugis, Oshima pongee fabrics, which are abbreviated to Oshima. Oshima are made by hand originally in Amami-Oshima, Amami Big Island, and also in Kagoshima or Miyazaki. True Oshima are very expensive, because it involves an immense amount of time and effort to make them. And so we can see many fake Oshima especially at the web stores and auctions. Incidentally, I found the interesting web site, Oshima G-men, at http://www.amakara.jp/gmen/list.php. When we make questions with some photos whether our Oshima is fake or genuine, professional Oshima weavers or dealers kindly give an expert opinion. I admire the craftsman’s spirits on that web site.

I bought men’s vintage Oshima for my husband. My husband is very pleased to wear Oshima and begin to study all aspects of Oshima. He becomes a Oshima mania and sometimes tell me how wonderful Oshima are. The following photo is my husband with Oshima.


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