Wearing Kyo-Yuzen Kimono at the Ceremony

Recently I was invited to the Celebration of the Birthday of The Emperor of Japan at the Consul General of Japan Ambassador's Residence in Coral Gables. It was the third time that I attended this celebration party. I wore my Kyo-Yuzen kimono this time. As the Kyo-Yuzen kimono looked elegant, I felt that it is so wonderful for the party.

In September, the guests of “Kimono Artisan” came from Kyoto. It is almost 3 months after they came. Time flies. I would like to write about their visit to Miami and about the manufactural process of Kyo-Yuzen which I learned from them later. A busy year is finishing soon.

The American guests asked us to take photos with ladies wearing kimono. Here I show one of the photos. Incidentally, I was standing at the center on the photo. I feel that Kyo-Yuzen kimono could cause this situation.

I appreciate the invitation to such a wonderful cerebration party in US.
Finally, I wish you all have a wonderful new year 2015!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim

I went to see the fashion shows in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim started on July 17. I wanted to write about it. Time flies and October comes. Even after the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York in September, I write about this July event for my memory tickler..

The opening party was held at The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach on July 17, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. At the entrance of the venue, vividly dressed Mercedes-Benz cars lined up, as seen in the photo. Surprisingly, all the cars were designed by the fashion designers who attended that Fashion Week. 
This photo shows inside of the party venue. 

When we enjoyed appetizers, models were walking on the pool and standing on the boxes that showed the names of designers as seen in the following photos. 

How beautiful the models on the pool side! 

When I saw the models on the pool side, I incidentally met with Mara Hoffman, who made presentation on both the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami Beach. Mara and I were snapped together. 
After the party, models with the summer dresses which attending designers designed stood near the Mercedes-Benz cars which also the designer designed, as seen in the upper photo. I was surprised at the gorgeous party. 

The fashion shows started on July 18. What an air of excitement there was! 

The following photos show the fashion show by the designer, Dolores Cortes. I was interested in the hairstyles. These styles looked exotic. 

The following photos show the Wildfox Swim show. Pop-looking swim wears for teenagers were presented. These ones energized us. 

Next were the fashion shows presented by” L*SPACE by Monica Wise” on July 19. This show was very popular and full of standing audience. 

I was not able to understand if it was a swim wear, but it looked nice and gorgeous. 

The next venue was Oasis, the smaller tent. The show was presented by “Mikoh”. As we waited for the show, hula dancers appeared as seen in the photos below. I was wondering if the costumes of hula dancers were a part of the designer’s collection. This dance just represented the concept of the collection. Of course, it was not the fashion show for the hula dancer costumes. 

After the hula dance, the swim wear show began. Hawaiian wind blew at the venue as seen in the photos below. 

On July 21, I went to see two shows. One was the group show. The first designer’s presentation started with the string quartet. I enjoyed each production. 

The photo below looks faint, but the men’s model appeared. I am surprised that men’s swim wears looked nice with beautiful designs.
The designer appeared with the model. Such a cute designer creates nice men’s swim wear. 

This is a swim wear presented by “Sauvage”. 
As you see in the photo above, swim wears looked elegant. 

This is a swim wear presented by “Aquarella”. 
I remembered this designer, because I was impressed with his geometric design on his show last year. 

This shows the pool-side wears, which buck up, presented by “Toxic Sadie”. I love this design. 
I think the pop wear that the designer wore looked nice. She maybe knows what fits her. I met her on the pool side after the show. Her tattoo was impressive. 

This is the casual dress by “Aguaclara”. 
This was elegant.

Then I went to attend the show presented by “Liliana Montoya”, which was one of the most popular show and I wanted to see in this season. 

I was impressed with her talent by which she could design such swim wears. 
At the end of the show, the designer appeared to hold a hand with a model. How tall she was! I was surprised that the designer was as beautiful as the models. The designer wore a red dress on the left side of the photos below. 

I appreciate all the invitation form the designers. How wonderful! Look forward to seeing you again next year!


Little Did I Dream : Publication of our Kimono Collection in Exhibition Magazine

Our kimono collection was published in the fashion magazine “Exhibition”.

This magazine is annually published in February, when the Paris Fashion Week is held. This is a gorgeous huge magazine, where the famous fashion brands are listed: Chanel, Prada, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and so on.

This year the Exhibition Magazine features silk and a stylist, Patti Wilson, associated kimono with silk and asked me to help. I worked with the same members as had worked for i-D magazine two years ago: a stylist, Patti Wilson, and a photographer, Daniele + Iango.

In February, I knew our kimono collection was published in this issue, but I would like to check the real magazine and inform you about this publication. Since the magazine arrived too late, I am delayed to inform this publication.

When I look over the magazine, I am surprised. My name and our company name are listed on the back cover page. This is the photo of the back cover page.

As you see, we can see the name “MODE & CLASSIC HIROMI ASAI” in the list including Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and so on.

This is my first experience to see my name on the back cover page in the famous fashion magazine. I am very surprised and pleased. I also appreciate many help from the co-workers. 

I worked with them for other magazines. I hope I will inform the other publication by the same team in the future.

I also find the name, Issey Miyake, on this list. I am not familiar with fashion brands and don’t know him very much. I just know Issey as a designer for black turtlenecks for Steve Jobs. I read his biography and find an emotional story about him.

According to Wikipedia, at the age of seven, Issey witnessed and survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Then he focused on fashion design to create beauty and pleasure rather than to destroy things. But as he had a fear of being stigmatized as an atomic-bomb survival designer, he had kept his tragic experience on the atomic bomb a secret for so long. 

The dresses designed by Issey have surprisingly less patterns or no patterns, but the dresses look vivid with their adventurous forms and delicate fabrics as well as with color gradations. They look simple, but don’t feel simple. I cannot express it well, but when I see dresses designed by Issey, I am very touched. 

The kimono collection published in the magazine has various patterns, but these patterns are not demonstrated in the photos. Nevertheless, I think texture and “silkness” of the kimono are well expressed in the photos. I admire the genius of the photographer, Daniele + Iango, who took many photos for the fashion magazines including VOGUE. 

I turned page after page from the first to the last page of the Exhibition Magazine. Tears filled my eyes without reasons.

The fashion designs on the top-brands which can be seen during Paris Fashion Week look more than wonderful. I have nothing to say about listing my name on the list of the top fashion brands in this magazine. 

At the end, I put the photos which I am credited on in the Exhibition Magazine.


Obijime-cord when holding a baby

I attended a wedding of my friend with my kids. At that time, I wore a kimono. Since kids are only 1 year old, I often needed to hold them during the ceremony. Whenever I held them, my obijime-cord with circular cross-sections easily rotated and came down.
Here I show an obijime-cord with circular cross-sections.

Even if I used a obijime-cord with flat cross-sections, it should not be happened.
Here I show an obijime-cord with flat cross-sections.

An Obi sash is supported just by an obijime-cord, so if an obijime-cord comes down, an obi sash possibly comes loose. In this case, my obi-sash did not come loose, but I realize that when we hold babies wearing kimono, we had better use obijime-cords with flat cross-sections.

Dynamics to keep kimono right form is sometimes delicate. To avoid kimono from losing its shape, we need to think about the appropriate coordination for kimono depending on the occasions.


New Year's Party at the Ambassador's Residence

I was invited to the New Year’s party at the ambassador's residence of the consulate-general of Japan in Miami last month, in January.

Taiko drum play and lion dance were performed. I recalled the Japanese New Year. As you can see the lion dance in this photo, lion danced actively.
I had the opportunity to greet many Japanese who work in Florida during this party. I cordially appreciate the invitation to this party. I will continue to devote myself to the kimono business in USA this year.


"Kimono and Obi" Demonstration for Ikebana International Miami

I had demonstration of “Kimono and Obi” for Ikebana International Miami at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables on January 21. That demonstration was fully attended. I realize that many people are interested in kimono in Miami and Coral Gables.

First, using slides, I talked about how kimono has an impact on the world. Then, I talked about the history of kimono and kimono dressing (Kitsuke). Subsequently, I talked about twelve-layered kimono and its layered colors, which relate to seasonal flowers. 

After my talk with slides, we has a question and answer session. As several participants wore kimono, I asked them to step forward, which helped me for the explanation of kimono. 

Second, I demonstrated woman’s kimono dressing and obi tying, and then dressing of man’s Haori Hakama formal kimono. 

I showed Furisode dressing and decorative obi tying. 

I showed dressing of man’s Haori Hakama. 


After the demonstration of kimono dressing, I got a dozen of questions. I spent a fun time with the audience. 

After all of my lecture, many attendants talked to me. I was asked when I would have a lecture next time. I was very pleased. 

I thank all the people who came to my kimono lecture.

I also thank Ms. Ishii, who presided over the lecture, Ms. Ellen Weston, the president of International Ikebana Miami, Ms. Mieko Kubota, the vice president, all the people who wore kimono and helped me, and Yumi and Koichi, who modeled for the demonstration of kimono dressing. I appreciate all the help and cooperation.

I hope we will be able to meet and talk again in the near future.