Obijime-cord when holding a baby

I attended a wedding of my friend with my kids. At that time, I wore a kimono. Since kids are only 1 year old, I often needed to hold them during the ceremony. Whenever I held them, my obijime-cord with circular cross-sections easily rotated and came down.
Here I show an obijime-cord with circular cross-sections.

Even if I used a obijime-cord with flat cross-sections, it should not be happened.
Here I show an obijime-cord with flat cross-sections.

An Obi sash is supported just by an obijime-cord, so if an obijime-cord comes down, an obi sash possibly comes loose. In this case, my obi-sash did not come loose, but I realize that when we hold babies wearing kimono, we had better use obijime-cords with flat cross-sections.

Dynamics to keep kimono right form is sometimes delicate. To avoid kimono from losing its shape, we need to think about the appropriate coordination for kimono depending on the occasions.


New Year's Party at the Ambassador's Residence

I was invited to the New Year’s party at the ambassador's residence of the consulate-general of Japan in Miami last month, in January.

Taiko drum play and lion dance were performed. I recalled the Japanese New Year. As you can see the lion dance in this photo, lion danced actively.
I had the opportunity to greet many Japanese who work in Florida during this party. I cordially appreciate the invitation to this party. I will continue to devote myself to the kimono business in USA this year.


"Kimono and Obi" Demonstration for Ikebana International Miami

I had demonstration of “Kimono and Obi” for Ikebana International Miami at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables on January 21. That demonstration was fully attended. I realize that many people are interested in kimono in Miami and Coral Gables.

First, using slides, I talked about how kimono has an impact on the world. Then, I talked about the history of kimono and kimono dressing (Kitsuke). Subsequently, I talked about twelve-layered kimono and its layered colors, which relate to seasonal flowers. 

After my talk with slides, we has a question and answer session. As several participants wore kimono, I asked them to step forward, which helped me for the explanation of kimono. 

Second, I demonstrated woman’s kimono dressing and obi tying, and then dressing of man’s Haori Hakama formal kimono. 

I showed Furisode dressing and decorative obi tying. 

I showed dressing of man’s Haori Hakama. 


After the demonstration of kimono dressing, I got a dozen of questions. I spent a fun time with the audience. 

After all of my lecture, many attendants talked to me. I was asked when I would have a lecture next time. I was very pleased. 

I thank all the people who came to my kimono lecture.

I also thank Ms. Ishii, who presided over the lecture, Ms. Ellen Weston, the president of International Ikebana Miami, Ms. Mieko Kubota, the vice president, all the people who wore kimono and helped me, and Yumi and Koichi, who modeled for the demonstration of kimono dressing. I appreciate all the help and cooperation.

I hope we will be able to meet and talk again in the near future.


Lecture and Demonstration about Kimono: "Kimono and Obi" for Ikebana International Miami

I present a lecture and demonstration about kimono for Ikebana International Miami on January 21, 2014.

On the lecture, I am planing to talk about seasonal flowers and Kasane no irome, color combinations for female court attire.

The event information was published in the Miami Herald newspaper.

Hope many people come to enjoy my presentation.


The following PR page was also published.


Happy New Year

I wish you a happy New Year.
Thank you for your kindness past year.
I would appreciate your continued kind cooperation this year.

The photo is a flower which Ms. Kubota at International Ikebana came to our studio to arrange. We can enjoy New Year's Day with this flower. Thank you very much.


Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach was held from 5th to 8th December.

Originally, Art Basel is a world-biggest contemporary art fair annually held in Basel, Switzerland since 1970. Now Art Basel grows to a world-wide contemporary art fair annually held in Miami Beach and Hong Kong as well as Basel.

This year, Art Basel Miami Beach was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. 258 galleries from 31 countries attended this art fair for demonstrating the latest modern and contemporary art. During this period, galleries which did not officially attend Art Basel Miami Beach provided various art events. As I had received an invitation letter for the reception held around NE 24th Street, Miami, where originally warehouses and now many modern art galleries gather, I visited one of the galleries wearing a kimono.

Miami uptown including NE 24th street is the area where many violent crimes occur. I went through dark roads at night. Various wall pictures abruptly appeared inside the dilapidated town. The photos show that neighborhood.

The reception was hosted by Kristian Schmidt, who had worked with Prince William and David Beckham, and loves Japan. He had received the Grammy Award for the music video.

After we park a car near the gallery, I walked to the gallery at a quick pace. I felt relaxed when I entered the gallery. As you see the photo, many fashionable people gathered inside the gallery.

The title of the exhibition was “Whale Shark Series”. As I wore a kimono, Kristian himself talked to me about staying at Tokyo. He took his photos in Philippines. Finally he and I were taken a picture in front of his representative work.

The art world suddenly appeared in the dilapidated warehouse town looked similar as old Tribeca in New York. Inside of the gallery was completely different from outside. I can understand why galleries gather in this area.
The photos show the gallery. His works were wonderful.

I enjoyed the reception, but because I feared safety of this area a little, I went back home after the short stay. 
Thank you for the invitation and courtesy by Kristian.


Add small 1s

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SKYwtTFijrE/UqDpz7llx7I/AAAAAAAAE9Y/Vr8AXbcExAY/s1600/DSC06126.JPG A reception on His Majesty the Emperor birthday was held at the Japan consulate general ambassador's residence in Florida on December 3. I was invited to participate this reception sequentially last year. This photo shows the pool side of the ambassador's residence.

I met no acquaintance at the reception last year, but this year, in the meeting place of the reception, I met several people to whom I instructed how to put on kimono, and I helped one person to put on a kimono on the day of the reception.

Before the reception, someone talked to me, “I had abandoned my hope to wear a kimono, but I get motivated to wear it thanks to Hiro.“ I was very happy. I always remember the words by the kimono Prof. Suzuki, a late great dean of Komagome Waso Academy: “Kimono need to be wore by heart.“

Last year I imagined that it was very hard to build a new business from scratch in the area which I did not know and where I had no acquaintances. But I accidentally met a person who had wanted to wear a kimono in Miami, gradually I had a wider circle of potential kimono lovers, and then, I added small 1 to my accomplishment.

Takafumi Horie, a former big Japanese IT company president, wrote a book “ZERO“. Its subtitle is “I will add small 1s to myself who don't have any ability.“ I have not yet read this book, but this subtitle directly reaches my heart.

I decided that I would continue to add small 1s. It takes a lot of courage to make a step. But this small step blooms a little flower one year later.

The photo shows Ms. Kubota, who created flower arrangement for the reception at the ambassador's residence, and me.